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The Rare and Complex Epilepsies Alliance was created with the following objectives:

  • Enhance community growth by building a network between all existing and future national associations.

  • Create a single voice on common and / or transversal needs that cannot be reduced to the "simple crisis".

  • Share best practices and initiatives;

  • To develop together proposals for protocols and / or initiatives on transversal issues such as Transition, Repository of Drug, assistance and rehabilitation requests.

  • Actively collaborate on initiatives in support of the community and specific needs;

  • Activate collaboration for the production of evidence by analyzing the data collected through Clinical Registers and Survey;

  • Contribute to developing, and therefore supporting, an active network of specialists in Rare and Complex Epilepsies to contribute to the sharing of knowledge and the dissemination of best practices;

  • Collaborate and share activities and initiatives proposed by the European ERN EpiCARE working group;

  • Identify lobbying opportunities, in order to raise social, political and medical awareness of Rare and Complex Epilepsies

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